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here we have some lovely people modeling the high school uniforms ((they’ll be wearing the junior high ones too))
i made them really plain so there’s a lot of room for customization - if everyone looked exactly the same it’d be kind of boring right

there are grade specific colors for your uniform though!! ((i didn’t choose really good colors so feel free to choose a different shade of the color!!))

9th grade : green
10th grade : yellow
11th grade : red 
12th grade : blue

i had males and females wear each one to show that it’s fine to wear the other gender’s clothing ; v ;;
the uniforms are also a mix and match thing kinda, for the winter uniforms you can either wear a sweater or jacket, the skirt and pants can be any length, and ya

sorry my explanations kinda bad——- YOU DONT HAVE TO FOLLOW THE UNIFORM IF YOU DONT WANT TO
you can make up some weird story to go along with it if you wanted to

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